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Kids Specials

In Focus Optical has Kids Specials all the time. 1 pair of children's glasses starting at $89.00, this includes frame, lenses with a 1 year warranty on the lenses and all children’s frames have a 2 year warranty. Check for our back to school specials in August.


Buy One Get One Free

In Focus Optical offers the Buy 1 get 1 Free on almost every frame in the store. This means that you can get 2 pairs of glasses, or 1 pair of clear glasses and for a little more have the 2nd pair tinted, or you can choose one pair and receive the frame at half price! This offer can be used by an individual, or split with anybody else, your father, brother, sister, or even a friend or neighbour. On the few frames that are not part of the 2 for 1, we offer a 15% discount off of the total price.

Buy One Get One Buy One Get One