We have a great selection of Women's, Men's and Children's glasses - as well as Sunglasses - covering many popular brands.



We carry all the popular brands, as well as lens care accessories and supplies.


  • Bausch & Lomb, who use the Pure Vision Line that breathe up to 5 times more than the old conventional lenses used to. Pure Vision is available in regular lenses for distance or in the Multi focal (bifocal) form also.
  • AirOptix By Alcon. Available in Spherical, Toric and Multifocal.
  • AcuVue Oasys by Johnson & Johnson. Available in Spherical, Toric and Multifocal
  • Biofinity by Coopervision in both Spherical and Toric.

In Focus Optical can make your glasses on site and fit you for contact lenses; all in a convenient downtown location.